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Machines for industry, specialist retailing, butchers' shops, the catering industry, sharpening services, vegetable and herb processing, fishing and hunting.

Simple and safe to use

easyZahnd – for everything where a stable burr is beneficial (without polishing station). Simple and very safe to use.

The ideal knife sharpening machine for the insulation industry and for herb and vegetable cultivation and processing.



Sharpeing unit

Easiest handling for the perfect edge - with patented sharpening unit for soft and flexible sharpening.

Outstanding for the processing of insulation material such as rubber / PUR or PIR hard foam / rock wool or glass wool. Up to 100 times cleaner and more exact cuts without sharpening the knife. Time-saving and precise cutting increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

But also


A significantly longer service life for knives and a low risk of injury during the harvesting or processing of herbs and vegetables (e.g. lettuce harvest in sandy soil).


Knife blade with grip!

For effortless cutting all day long. The knife blade is gripped slightly to prevent the knife from slipping away.

This knife sharpening machine is extremely easy to use.

Sharpeing discs change by hand – no tools necessary

  • Highest safety
  • Short introduction
  • Extreme sharpness
  • 2 Jahre Garantie

Technical data:

230/110 V
50/60 Hz
8.6 kg
320 x 150 x 210 mm

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