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Machines for industry, specialist retailing, butchers' shops, the catering industry, sharpening services, vegetable and herb processing, fishing and hunting.

The all-rounder

The extremely flexible knife sharpening machine with the new technology that adapts to your needs. Thanks to the patented sharpening unit, you achieve self-cooling sharpening – no need even for water cooling.

Suitable for all – from the catering industry to the slaughterhouse. Ideal for sharpening services, hunting and fishing. Whether filleting knives, boning knives, grooved knives like toothed table or bread knives, pocket knives or cleavers – you can sharpen all kinds of knives with the EVO-4.



Sharpening unit

Continuous adjustment of the sharpening angle from 6° to 50°

Very easy handling thanks to magnets installed in the knife guide

Patented flexible sharpening unit that adapts to the knife

Table and bread knives can also be sharpened thanks to the adjustable angles




Polishing disc

You give the knife the perfect finish with the polishing disc. Extremely safe polishing area.

You make full use of the polishing disc with the adjustable polishing unit.

The most flexible sharpening machine worldwide.

  • Dust extraction system
  • Highest safety
  • Short introduction
  • Extreme sharpness
  • Long service lives
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • 2 years warranty

The machine is equipped with a dust extraction system for standard vacuum cleaners, which can be connected to the machine and would automatically start when the machine will be started.

Technical data:

230/110 V
50/60 Hz
12 kg
240 x 300 x 300 mm

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