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Machines for industry, specialist retailing, butchers' shops, the catering industry, sharpening services, vegetable and herb processing, fishing and hunting

Typ FP02

The knife sharpening machine for maximum productivity and efficiency in industry and specialist retailing.

The knives are sharpened efficiently on both sides in one operation.



Typ EVO-4

The flexible knife sharpening machine for butchers' shops, vegetable processing, catering, fishing and hunting.

The most versatile machine thanks to its continuously adjustable grinding angles and patented sharpening unit.


Typ z200

The z200 knife sharpening machine is extremely easy to use and allows even a novice to produce the perfect edge.

Very safe and easy to use with the closed sharpening unit and polishing guide.


Knecht EVO5

Water-cooled knife grinding machine for butcher's shops, vegetable processing,catering, fishing and hunting on the proven technology of the EVO-4.






Work quickly and effectively. Easy and safe to handle - no risk of injury. Massively reduce the price of sharpening per knife. Low degree of abrasion extends the life of the knife. With polishing wheel for a professional finish. Sharpens with low levels of dust thanks to suction device. Can be placed anywhere without the need for mounting. CE certification. 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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