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In 2005, ZAHND Schleiftechnik GmbH, specialising in the development and manufacture of professional knife sharpening machines, emerged from the Zahnd company, which had been active for decades as a grinding company for the wood and plastics processing industries.

Our company provides you with user-specific and innovative solutions. We are committed to developing extremely safe, easy-to-use and powerful knife sharpening machines. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

Thanks to continuous development of our sharpening machines, our customers always benefit from state-of-the-art grinding technology.

ZAHND knife sharpening machines – the safest, fastest and sharpest way of knife sharpening

The top quality of ZAHND knife sharpening machines ensures maximum efficiency and productivity in industry, specialist retailing and catering. This means a convenient new standard for the sharpening of all types of knives – a plus for daily use with


  • meat knives
  • fish knife
  • chef’s knife
  • vegetable knife
  • hunting knife
  • table knives
  • bread knife
  • cheese knife
  • cleavers
  • cutter knife (optionally)
  • knife with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive
  • knife for insulation materials


Advising – developing – manufacturing of individual machines / prototypes

You sell high-quality cutting machines and are looking for a solution for the sharpening of your machine blades. We develop a solution for you that is optimally matched to your requirements and needs. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

ZAHND knife sharpening machines – Your choice for knives with bite.

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